Google Pixel Camera – The Best if it works but unfortunately crashes

We have looked at Google Pixel and Pixel 2 and all of its glory since its existence. But with Pixel 3 there was some huge expectations as competing flagships changed faces with the notches. Google Pixel 3 and its big brother XL were working fine when a possible update broke the camera driver. And the best place to get some help is the Google product forums. So, I did the same with my post being referenced all over the internet here:!msg/phone-by-google/7NY0tXtKlYU/N4uZcKaEBgAJ

An instance of Google Camera crashing after the Nov 5 Update. 

I got into an intense call with Google Support, being myself a developer throughout these years working on Android Custom ROMs. Some of the initial steps were already taken by me, by clearing App Cache, Factory Reset and also did side-load the original factory image from Pixel Factory Images page. Nothing worked, which turned me towards the internet to get this issue more coverage. 

This thread takes this issue from you to the world. Interestingly, I found that there were issues earlier with the Pixel 2 camera as well. This is where this whole resonates back. 

So, basically this bug was never fixed or was just patched enough to work for a while and the new Pixel 3 device was just pushed with this software. Now that we have been seeing this bug with Pixel 3, it is really not expected out a pioneer of Android, a company called ‘Google’. It is just a game of responsibility at this point in time. 

I went for an RMA with Google and got my device replaced. I would say that was satisfactorily quick enough. Its been a week now and everything is working fine since 15 Nov. I am not sure how that bug was resolved at-least in the RMA device but I will take anything that works for now until unless a word is heard from the giant itself. 

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