I am happy that finally, I would be starting my blog.

Why? Because a lot of things that you accumulate over years tend to find their way out. I tend to write. Sometimes though. But blogging makes me much stronger and keep the hunger to learn more and give back to the community.

Finally, my Thesis dissertation was approved. It was work. It squeezed out the commitment from me to get to this point I will cherish that for a lifetime. I feel this is the right time to hit the internet for you guys with some content of mine and experiences that I have learned about throughout.

First of all, I would like to thank my research advisor Dr. Sharlee Climer for her immense motivation and appropriate guidance for my research work. She would always be my source of motivation. Second, would be my mother who pushed me to get my thesis when on the contrary I was not confident enough.

Lets, mark this day for everyone in this blog post. This post is more of thanking people since you don’t forget people who helped you grow out of your shell!

I would start with some tutorials, content, research and my life! Hope everyone would be excited to see how an introvert turns goofy? Just kidding. Let start!


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